Self-expression and love through dance.



Welcome to the official website for Occidental College Dance Production!

Dance Production is a student-led, student-choreographed, and student-danced organization that has prospered at Oxy for 72 years. With more than 200 students involved every year, Dance Production is one of the largest organizations on campus with a massive alumni base.

Our mission is to teach and spread the love of dance to students of all experience levels and styles, foster a community for dance within Oxy, and connect to the greater Los Angeles area through all styles of dance. From Hula to contemporary to hip-hop to Bhangra, Dance Production reflects the community it serves and showcases cultures, people, and dances from all over the world.

Dance Production is a year-long endeavor of weekly rehearsals, meetings, and extra practices culminating in our three annual performances in March, which showcase the talent of our dancers and choreographers. We are proud to provide opportunities for students who have never danced before to try something new and become more confident, for students with a more extensive dance background to explore choreography and challenge themselves both technically and creatively, and for all students to share their dance styles and cultures with one another. 

This website contains videos and photos of our past performances, information about getting involved in Dance Production, and highlights of some of the amazing things that our dancers do outside of the dance studio. Please have a look around–if you still have questions, we’re happy to answer them at See you on stage!

Much love,

Mary Craggs, Jane Crosby-Schmidt, and Kate Grossmann

Dance Production Co-Presidents 2019-2020

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