Choreographer Insights

Thinking of choreographing for Dance Pro but unsure of the process? Here are some quotes from past choreographers that might help a bit.

Declan Meagher: Hip-Hop Co-Choreographer

“I had not thought about choreographing as a first-year…I had sort of all of these misconceptions about how much dance training you needed, or what sort of things were expected of you…It’s not so much about skill as it is about interest and passion.”

Michelle Levitt: Contemporary Choreographer

“Take the challenge. Go for it, and you’ll be proud of the results, undoubtedly.”

Kiera Cox: Contemporary Choreographer

“In the past, it has been a lot of hip hop and a lot of contemporary and I would just hope that doesn’t discourage people who have a different style. Don’t think that you have to be either hip hop or contemporary or jazz to be a choreographer because really Dance Pro is about all kinds of dance.”

Jessie Fontana-Maisel: Hip-Hop Modern Fusion/Broadway Co-Choreographer

“The best thing is the relationships and friendships that come out of it. Not only the relationship between yourself as a choreographer and your dancers, but also between fellow choreographers.”

Kelly Lehua Fitzgerald: Hula Kahiko Choreographer

“A big reason to choreograph for Dance Pro is to share your culture and share your stories and share your history and you language and your music. Being able to share that part of yourself, that cannot compare to anything else. Even though it’s frustrating, just do it because it changes your life for the better and it changes other people’s’ lives for the better.”

Flynn Aldrich: Hip-Hop Choreographer

“[I] really draw my inspiration from [my dancers] and their energy.”

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