Do I need any choreographing experience to audition?

No experience is required to be a choreographer. Dancers from all styles and experience are encouraged to audition!

How do I become a choreographer?

Interested choreographers must attend Choreographer Workshops on September 8, 2018 from 10:30 AM-12:30 PM in the Dance Studio.  Students who cannot attend the workshop for legitimate reasons (e.g. study abroad, work, illness, athletic competitions, mandatory field trips) will need to send in a video of their audition piece by Friday, September 7, 2018 at 8 PM PST. All videos submitted after this will not be considered.

Auditioning choreographers will be asked to demonstrate 30 seconds or four 8-counts of choreography of their proposed piece, along with an explanation of any visions, music, and costumes the choreographer plans on incorporating into their piece. Plagiarism of choreography is unacceptable and will result in the piece being cut from consideration. Choreographers may not audition more than one piece. Choreographers are chosen through a vote by all present auditioning choreographers and Executive Board members.

What is the commitment?

Being a choreographer is a demanding, yet extremely life-changing experience. If selected, choreographers are expected to fulfill all commitments and duties detailed in the Choreographer Contract signed at the first choreographer meeting of the year.

Basic choreographers duties include conducting hour and a half long weekly rehearsals, attending all Dance Production fundraisers and events, coming prepared to weekly choreographer meetings, and supporting their dancers’ artistic and personal development throughout the year.   The number of mandatory commitment hours per week for choreographers is around 3-4 hours, not including personal choreographing and prep time. In addition, choreographers often hold extra rehearsals (1 hour maximum) and optional office hours for their dancers to practice or learn their dance outside of regular rehearsal times.

Can I be a dancer in my own piece?

Yes, you are allowed to be in your own piece. However, in order to give other dancers the chance to be showcased, you cannot be the focal point of your dance.

Can I be in other dances if I’m a choreographer?

Yes, choreographers can be in pieces other than their own. All choreographers are allowed to be in up to three pieces, including their own piece.

Will Dance Production Executive Board have any say/influence in my piece? How do I ensure the integrity of my piece is preserved?

Dance Production Executive Board encourages all choreographers to explore and stretch their artistic potential. However, choreographers are asked to minimize offensive content (e.g. excessive cuss words, provocative content, derogatory message/lyrics in song choice, etc.) in their pieces. Choreographers are expected to notify the Executive Board at Choreographer Auditions or shortly afterwards if the content in their piece may be offensive to some audience members. The Executive Board will not ask the choreographer to make changes to their piece unless concern is expressed about the content.

At all times, Dance Production choreographers are expected to respect the cultures, people, and places being represented in the production. Since Dance Production strives to be an inclusive and respectful learning environment for everyone, cultural appropriation and other forms of disrespect WILL NOT be tolerated. If you have any concerns about any dance, please feel free to contact the Dance Production Executive Board at

What if I don’t want to choreograph anymore?

In accordance with the Choreographer Contract all choreographers sign at the beginning of the year, choreographers are expected to see their piece through to the end of the production. Only under extreme circumstances may a choreographer resign from their position and responsibilities. If extreme circumstances arise, choreographers are asked to contact the Executive Board at as soon as possible. It is up to the Executive Board’s discretion of what will become of the choreographer’s piece if they resign. Choreographers that resign in the fall semester will be fined $40 to their student account and $60 during winter break and spring semester, except in cases of extreme emergency.

Want to hear thoughts from past choreographers?

Check out DP’s choreographer insight video series.

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