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Do you need any dance experience to be a part of Dance Production?

No experience is required to be part of Dance Production. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join!


How do I become a dancer? What is the commitment?

Come to Dancer Workshops on Saturday, September 7th at 11:00 AM in Rush Gym!

At Dancer Workshops, you’ll meet this year’s choreographers, watch a small section of each choreographer’s piece, and sign up for the dances you’re interested in.

After you join, you’ll attend one rehearsal a week for each of your dances until our three spectacular shows in March! Additional events include one club-wide showing in each semester where each dance performs for the other members of the club to show what they’ve been working on as well as tech rehearsals in the week leading up to the show.


What if I can’t attend Dancer Workshops?

Students who cannot attend the workshop for legitimate reasons (e.g. study abroad, work, illness, athletic competitions, mandatory field trips) will be asked to go through the accommodation process. Students should contact the Executive Board at to request videos of the choreographers and a Dancer Form. Once the Executive Board has received the completed form, the dancer will be added to dances, space permitting.


What are the best dances? How do I decide which dances I should join?

Dance Production is a showcase of different styles of dance, not a dance competition. There is no “best” dance. All choreographers are selected not only because of their expressed artistic talent and love for dance, but also for their dedication to foster an inclusive and fun learning environment for all dancers. With that said, each choreographer has their own style of teaching, so each dance has its own feeling, which is why Dancer Workshops (where choreographers show choreography and explain the concept of their dance to all the dancers) are so important!


What if I have not danced in that style before?

Dance Production is the perfect place to try a new type of dance! Dance Production encourages all dancers to step outside their comfort zone and try a style new to them. 


What do I do if I can’t attend a rehearsal?

If you attend rehearsal, notify your choreographer at least 24 hours in advance. Choreographers may set their own attendance policy; however, if a dancer misses more than three rehearsals, the choreographer reserves the right to cut them from the piece. 


Can I switch dances?

Joining dances is allowed at the discretion of the Executive Board and involved choreographers. If you would like to switch dances, you must email the Executive Board at cc’ing both the choreographer of the dance you want to drop and the choreographer of the dance you want to join. The Executive Board will try to arrange the requested switch, but switches are not guaranteed. Switching dances without the pre-approval of the Executive Board is not allowed and may lead to expulsion from Dance Production. Dancers are allowed to ask for dance switches anytime before the cut-off date, announced later in the semester. Switches requested late will not be considered, except in extreme cases.


Is there an option to withdraw from a dance? When is the latest I can withdraw?

If you no longer want to be part of Dance Production, you must email the choreographers of the pieces you wish to drop and the Dance Production email ( and fill out the Dancer Drop Form. Dancers who drop out of Dance Production after first showing will not be given a refund of their dues. Dancers who drop will also not receive the club shirt handed out to active members the week of the show.


Can I still join if I’m studying abroad in the fall?

Abroad for the fall semester? No problem. Dance Production has had many members and even choreographers participate from overseas. To secure yourself a spot, email in early September and ask for a Dancer Workshop form. We will provide you with choreographer videos so you can select your top 5 dances accordingly. Send the filled out form back to us and we’ll take care of the rest.

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