Executive Board

Dance Pro E-Board 2019-2020

Meet the 2019-2020 E-Board!

Great news! If you’ve participated in Dance Pro at least once, you’re already eligible to apply to be on the Dance Production Executive Board!

Being a part of Dance Pro’s E-Board offers a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the production on and off the stage. We are a close-knit group of students united by the same goal: to create an inclusive environment where anyone and everyone is free to express themselves. Applications for the 2020-2021 school year have already passed, but 2021-2022 applications will open after the Spring 2021 Production. To learn more about E-Board positions, check out the job descriptions below.


Presidents are the main contact people for Dance Pro, calling meetings and finalizing dates as well as administering the rest of the Executive Board. Duties include:

  • Set dates for the year
  • Run meetings and set agenda
  • Send club administrative emails
  • Delegate all administrative tasks
  • Coordinate choreographer audition, dancer workshop, showings and the show
  • Collect and review costume requests with Treasurers
  • Communicate with parties involved with the production
  • Meet with school administration and faculty whenever necessary
  • Maintains right for final say on all decisions



Secretaries are in charge of the logistics of Dance Pro, keeping everything up to date in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Duties include:

  • Maintaining master list of club members’ information
  • Making master calendar and space reservations
  • Sending weekly emails to choreographers and dancers
  • Compiling and creating program information


Treasurers manage the club’s funds and coordinate all transactions with various partners. Duties include:

  • Maintaining a master list of expenses
  • Collecting dues
  • Presenting monthly updates of finances
  • Creating forms for funding requests


Publicists promote Dance Pro’s events throughout the year. Duties include:

  • Managing social media platforms
  • Coordinating posters, banners, T-shirt designs
  • Assisting in creation of introduction/YouTube videos
  • Enacting innovative ways to publicize Dance Pro events

Social Chair:

Social Chairs organize ways to interact within the Occidental community. Duties include:

  • Coordinating fundraisers and bonding events
  • Organizing end-of-show after party
  • Assist treasurers in securing funding for events

Community Engagement Coordinator:

Community Engagement Coordinators mediate Dance Pro’s relationship with the surrounding Eagle Rock community. Duties include:

  • Reaching out to local schools, organizations, etc. to invite them to learn more about dance.
  • Maintain relationships with other clubs on campus
  • Be point person for outside sponsors
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